What can Localflow do?

Cities beautifully evolve where the untracked happens and people can exchange their value without intermediation, control their data and nurture their personal and local welfare. We are building a p2p learning chatbot network dedicated to the local economy, to real exchanges and local social life. Goods, events and services on an area can be accessed, payed for or created directly from your favourite chat while keeping control on your data and minimize the transaction fees.

Local search for events and activities

The conversational local search is made over the content published by the people and the business chatbots that join the Localflow network.

John wants to find a nice place to listen to live music and sip a good cocktail. Through the local search he can find the best venues suitable his needs and the events published by other people. LocalflowBot spots the "@BerlinBar" nearby and the rooftop party organized by Mary. John entering the bot can see live feedbacks and videos of what's going on, view the price list, book a table for 2 and pay directly from the chat in IOTA, FIAT and EWA token to access special discounts.

Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring and sustainability

Control and manage IoT sensors and devices via a conversational interface.

Real time data coming from distributed sensor networks can be collected to control the growth and stability of a given area: forest growth, climate and risk prediction, biodiversity, pollution and sound monitoring, etc. An application of this case is in Paris, where we're restoring a native forest in a polluted area of the Boulevard Périphérique, mixing the organic Miyawaki methodology and the decentralized sensor network governed by the @ParisForestBot. Know more at boomforest.org.

Environmental monitoring

Personal services

Publish in the localflow network what you can do. Your personal chatbot will welcome all users interested in your service.

Ahmed is a great guitarist. He decided to create guitarlessonsBot for private lessons for those interested. He uses the bot to manage the appointments and requests of new aspiring Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. He warns them quickly if there are any changes in the program and sends them notifications reminiscent of the lessons scheduled for the week.

Personal services
Food delivery

Food preparation and delivery

Manage all the service from the customer's order up to the delivery with a quick and user-friendly tool.

Natalie runs a pizza shop and creates her RomeKingPizzaBot to list her products within the city chat groups and communities. She will receive orders with location, track deliveries and instant payments in IOTA, EWA or Euro, directly from her favourite chat app.

Food delivery

Multi Reservations

Manage multi reservations through bots and smart contracts. Define the service or event you want to publish, the minimum and maximum number of participants, the price that the participants must anticipate and much, much more.

Luke and his friends have organized a soccer match. They want to play 5 against 5 but they are only in 3. They open an event to find other people willing to join the football match and @BerlinSoccerBot will help them in this.

Multi reservations
Room reservation

Room Reservations

Search available rooms in a particular local area. LocalflowBot will search for you among the rooms listed by locals and those managed by BnB or hotel chatbots.

Mary wants to spend a romantic weekend in Prague. LocalflowBot finds the best offers for that date: some rooms offered by private users and a chatbot that manages about ten rooms in Prague. She joins "@centralHotelPrague" where she can book a room and find out all the info among the many solutions offered by the bot. LocalflowBot will also find the best related flight offers.

Room reservation

Customer and store management

Automate your warehouse orders and your customer relationship through Localflow chatbots.

William creates @SportingGoodsBot for his business. He uses his business chatbot both to respond quickly to user questions and to organize his warehouse. In the public interface of his chatbot shows the price list, contacts, FAQs and all the useful information to customers. The owner also uses the bot privately to verify the data on his stock and validate the automatic orders to refill the missing items in his warehouse.

Customer and store management

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