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Cities beautifully evolve where the untracked happens and people can exchange disintermediated, give value to their data and nurturing their personal and local welfare. We are building the next p2p learning chatbots with this in mind, an intelligent network dedicated to the local economy, local exchanges and local social life.

  • Enrico fusto

    Enrico Fusto R&D

  • Thomas agnoli

    Thomas Agnoli CD&E

  • Samuele maran

    Samuele Maran Finance

  • Andrea battaggia

    Andrea Battaggia Community

  • Sascha radatz

    Sascha Radatz Software Development

  • Udo pasch

    Udo Pasch Marketing / Community

  • Nicola Iannelli Software Development

  • Matteo Centenaro Software Development

  • José Ignacio Décima UI/UX Development

  • Nicola Brisotto PM

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Ambassadors & Advisors

The team is supported by some great personalities that act as ambassadors & advisors in strategic, technical and business fields. If you think you can contribute to the Localflow project in this way, contact us.

  • Yessin schiegg

    Yessin Schiegg CFO at (former Ethereum Foundation advisor) Regulation / Finance

  • Eric leandri

    Éric Leandri CEO at Privacy / Security

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Localflow builds rich local economies where people love, share and sell what they make