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Crypto tokens are special kind of virtual currency tokens that reside on their own blockchains and represent an asset or utility. EWA is an Ethereum erc223 token created to power the Localflow network and aims to be used to buy the business' services, power the reward schema, and thin the exchanges of goods and services.

The network

Localflow strives to be a collaborative platform to assemble and deploy decentralized domain- specific chatbots focused on small and medium sized businesses, their supply chains and on private individuals that offer services in their communities. Through Localflow people discover, contribute and use local information and offers without the need for a centralized intermediary.
People’s attention is rewarded with EWA tokens when they add or broadcast genuine content.
Businesses, retailers, and private individuals assemble their own modular bots from the component collection of the platform and can allocate EWA from their wallets to better rank their bots and related information in the local search index. Anyone is rewarded with EWA for creating meet-ups and high-quality social activities.

Lft social activity circulation

Developers and data analysts are rewarded with EWA for publishing new bot components, enhancing language translations, maintaining the hybrid human-artificial intelligence engine, the Natural Language Processing module and any other contribution to the project.
Check the Whitepaper to see the other smart contracts with details.

The wallet

Private microservices and businesses can activate two direct payment gateways, crypto (EWA, IOTA, BTC and ETH are the first to be supported) and FIAT (credit card). At the other end, chatbot users can access their wallet via chatbot, opting for paying for goods and services, choosing one of their preferred currencies. They can also redeem discounts using EWA tokens.
The wallet v.0.1 is currently available for testing in beta, you can follow the @localflow Telegram International group to know more about the beta testing program or send us an email to

Lft business community circulation


Localdrops are EWA tokens distributed through @LocalflowBot chatbot, consistently with the Localflow concept: when people make virtuous actions for their local economy, e.g. event creation, invitation of other people, quality content promotion, new business creation, etc they will receive EWA tokens in their personal wallet balance.
Community influencers are rewarded with EWA for reaching out to additional people for the Localflow and for motivating local businesses to build and deploy specific bots, promote them within interesting chat groups, and for sponsoring the Localflow ecosystem in other networks.

30% of EWA total supply will be dedicated to this, 15% before TGE and 15% after TGE across 2 years according to the business development plan. Ultimately, this geographically spread local token distribution won’t dilute the total market value, because business adoption and real commercial exchanges drive the token velocity counterbalancing volatility.

Presale and distribution

EWA tokens will be generated and distributed simultaneously with the release of the service supporting real usage, namely the Localflow network. From now till the Token Generation Event (which is scheduled in the 3rd quarter 2018), people can reserve EWA tokens through a SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens), send us an email to for more info.

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