What is Localflow

Localflow allows the creation and customization of decentralized chatbots, immersed in your local communities. The resulting network is optimized to serve fast local exchanges and genuine untracked information production and sharing.
The connected world of private individuals and local businesses, indeed, lacks a tool for building flexible, effective and fast local profit accelerators that can provide granular access to goods and services with high privacy standards. A tool with which local activities, events, products and services can be promoted, sold and instantly delivered by and for the real actors of the local economy.

The project

The purpose of Localflow is to foster local exchanges all over the world delivering an open AI-powered local search engine through a decentralized chatbot network connected to private services, business offers and the authentic activities run by the people.
We are building a secure AI, chatbot and blockchain tool, where local businesses can reach and serve customers more efficiently than traditional digital channels.
The infrastructure is based on the use of a decentralized structure: the IOTA Tangle, a direct acyclic graph structure (DAG), suitable for allowing users to make instant transactions with 0% fees.
Using MAM technology, Localflow guarantees the protection of user information with high standards of privacy using quantum-proof security.
Through the release of EWA token (an ERC223 standard utility token on the Ethereum blockchain), users are able to build their chatbots, manage their transactions with smart contracts and access special discounts within the network. The circulation of EWA tokens is driven by businesses and micro-influencers which promote the creation, sharing and access to goods, services and offers in a particular local area.

Key points

Resilient because conceived, adopted and improved by the users themselves, people, microinfluencers and local businesses.

Glocal because it is available worldwide but the use is local and invests in the territory.

Simple because you can just write your sentence and let the Natural Language Processing do the rest. It’s not an App but it's already present in conversational Apps! Best interface is no interface!

Enabler because it allows to design chatbots for economic activities (Bar, Shop or any service) coupling them to local communities.

Decentralized because based on DLT like the blockchain and DAG.

Distraction free completely automated and ad-free platform. The use of the platform encourages rapid and non-addictive use, in order to devote energy and resources to real life.


The mission, the vision and the philosophy

Localflow focus on the local economy as it allows local actors to regain those margins that today are kept by Gig Economy players, without exploiting user data.
Localflow brings attention to local exchanges, which during the digital revolution have increasingly suffered from a progressive impoverishment due to the high commissions and the exploitation of the personal data of the users. Localflow exceeds the keywords auction system for visibility purchasing, allowing to bring together “lost” customers with e-commerce.
The “pay per click" (PPC) auctioning system of keywords proposed, for instance by Google AdWords and other services (GAFAs) is not fully exploitable by SMEs, because it is too expensive in terms of money and time, and is not suitable for a more localized search for products and services in a given area.
Visibility is gained by creating and sharing real and quality events and not by paying a keyword (SEM) or by managing them through a SEO strategy, giving everyone the opportunity and freedom to promote their quality content at zero cost. Peers accessing the network are not tracked and the searched information not stored in any form.
Localflow brings also attention back to the territory by creating a GLOCAL network: fast, highly automated respecting user data. The service will also remain without advertising and without the need to be supported by energies that are outside the Localflow network.

The roadmap

Follow the advancements of deliverables and the conferences to meetup the crew! You can also participate to the LF beta-testing to try components in early stage and to contribute driving the feature development with us.
Also, you can join the LF alpha-program to help us in promoting the project worldwide!

See the timeline from 2016

Idea and ignition

December 2016

Local commerce communities via chat and local niche meetups are created and enforced in an informal way by the Localflow guys and future co-founders.

First local community-driven MVP

March 2017

The first version of @LocalflowBot for Telegram is built to allow people create, pin and share what is not tracked on the web and social networks: ephemeral local events, interesting personal services and exchanges.

Localflow communities grow

June 2017

@LocalflowBot early adopters grow their communities around many cities in Europe, from Italy, to Germany, France and Spain.

First angel investment

September 2017

Localflow concept gains traction and receives the first investment seed from early angels.

Token pre-sale starts

December 2017

Localflow company is founded.

New website lauch

May 2018

The brand new website is live with the possibility to try live the @LocalflowBot. You can join the project creating a personal account, too

@LocalflowBot REDUX

The main bot for ephemeral events gets NLP/RAN based and city-dynamic. Available on:

  • Telegram
  • Website

Localdrop conception

EWA distribution model: round the globe distribution, driven by local value nurturing, e.g. activity creation and attendance, new local business creation, etc

Ground events

Through Spring 2018

Localflow project is spread through the @LocalflowBot REDUX accross the main European cities. Then Americas and in South East Asia.

Interlogica Conference

Presentation of Localflow project.

IOTA wallet v.0

June 2018

IOTA payment is introduced in @LocalflowBot and all the early stage businesses' bots in the integrated wallet alongside fiat payment system.

EWA Token Launch

In Summer 2018

EWA token available to buy via @LocalflowBot and via Localflow website, with KYC and AML standard investor protection.

Component abstraction

August 2018

Chatbot component abstraction and toolbelt definition.

Bot creation platform kick off

The development of the new infrastructure for bot creation and deployment starts.

Decentralized AI kick off

The development of the decentralized AI local search starts. It's built on top of the p2p iota MAM transport protocol and unifies the conversational RAN-based AI with the hyperlocal search implemented so far.

Chatbot DevOps API kick off

September 2018

The development of DevOps API for the chatbot distributed deployment starts.

Bot creation platform v.0 - released

December 2018

The bot creation platform first version is released, with the rewarding system.

Decentralized AI v.0 - released

January 2019

The p2p AI protocol and open machine learning is released.

Chatbot DevOps API v.0 - released

February 2019

DevOps API for the chatbot distributed deployment is released.

The community is thriving,
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Localflow builds rich local economies where people love, share and sell what they make