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Localflow is the chatbot network dedicated to the local economy: a decentralized, blockchain powered, high-privacy tool for urban traders

Local microservices

Localflow enhances both established businesses and little personal activities bringing goods and services into mainstream chat groups and applications, lowering enormously the marketing costs and multiplying your audience.

Near-zero transactions fees

Business can sell any good, content and service, and are instantly payed via their favourite cryptocurrency (IOTA, ETH, BTC... and our EWA token, of course) or classic but still sexy fiat using a built-in credit card gateway.

Local search

Quickly find what you like - goods and services - using your favourite messaging app (Telegram, WeChat, Status) and a conversational interface. Make your payments instantly using Euro/Dollar... and your loved crypto currency.

Privacy protection

Stay safe with Localflow encrypted search and communicate in the local ecosystem via IOTA MAM. Your data, business or prosumer, is shared only if you allow it, and you are rewarded for that!


Reward real-life activities

We'd love to collaborate with you! Get rewarded with EWA tokens for creating content, developing chatbot modules, sharing genuine activities and organising meetups. Help your city, change the world, join the Localflow revolution!

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Localflow is real and fits the local communities and businesses

Localflow is not only a great idea, the first local niche bot is live: check @LocalFlowBot on Telegram, it helps thousands users find the best events in the city. Try it now!

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Next platforms: WeChat Amazon Echo

The community is thriving,
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Localflow builds rich local economies where people love, share and sell what they make